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Les and Jan Hosick are the owners/operators of Dancing Leaf Cultural Learning Center located at Wellfleet, Nebraska.

Phone: 308-963-4233

Les and Janet

inside view of earth lodge
- Inside view of Earthen Lodge -
Earth Lodge
- Outside and farmyard view of Earthen Lodge -

Dancing Leaf Earth Lodge-a reconstructed Earthen Lodge located at Wellfleet, Nebraska. Based on Archeological evidence from the time period 800-1300 years ago.

medicine wheel
Reconstructed Medicine Wheel-a stone circle aligned with celestial happenings.

Medicine wheel tour at sunset

Opal Lake-12 acre spring fed lake for canoeing.
Dock at Lake Opal
Cedar canyons
Nature Trails-115 acres of Loess Canyon hills for hiking and guided plant walks.

scenic canyons One of the cabins that can be rented.